To Do List

Tech staff tasks:

Jobs with Hi-Ranger need doing before winter refurbishment.

Priority #1- 12m receiver install

Priority #2 - 14m commissioning

priority #3 - 26m on-board vacuum system

26 Metre

JobPeople InvolvedComments/Details/Link?Priority (ABCD)*
Panel washers on 26mBrett/Jim P15,4 25,6 27,4 29,5 31,3 31,8 33,5 47,5 8 total.C
Lube bull gearsBrett/Jim P B
fix ground cryo systemBrett/JimO rings for Vac valvesC
Check bearings  B
install vacuum unit receiver platform  B
paint receiver legs  D
  • A) Important and Urgent
  • B) Important and not Urgent
  • C) Not Important and Urgent
  • D) Not Important and not Urgent

14 metre

JobPeople InvolvedComments/Details/Link?Priority (ABCD)*
remove gearboxes remove base stockwarren/BrettHi-RangerA
shim gearboxes to correct clearancewarren/BrettHi-RangerA
motors installBaldor/motors and Brett with Hi-RangerA
get comms to Baldor controllersB
get telescope driving from softwareB

12 metre

JobPeople InvolvedComments/Details/Link?Priority (ABCD)*
clear out birds nestwarren/BrettHi-RangerA
remove cables and paint in prep for recieverwarren/BrettHi-RangerA
new reciever installwith Bob from CobhamA
Azimuth gearbox drain and replacewarren/BrettB
recondition old azimuth gearboxwarren/BrettB