Receiver Configuration And System Temperatures

ReceiverSky freq (GHz)BW (MHz)Agilent LO freq (GHz)Agilent level (dBm)Rx Internal LO freq (GHz)HPBW (')SEFD (Jy)Tsys (K)CAL (RCP,LCP)1 (Jy)
S Band2.25006.901144.11940057 
C band4.8500-144.1945065 
6.7 GHz6.750011.4144.165508027,33
X band8.450013.04144.156008577,88
12 GHz12.250017.4144.13.5750107 
K band2250017.4144.122500360 

All receivers are uncooled.

1 Using standard LBA frequencies. The wide bandwidth means that for frequencies within ~ 100 MHz of these frequencies should have approximately equal CAL values.