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(Brett thinks this section may not be required by those doing single dish experiments)

pmSTALM (poor-man’s STALM) is a simple script to partially replicate STALM’s functions and to provide audible alarms for remote observations. It works by ssh’ing into hobart or ceduna, copying an extract of the errors in the current pcfs log, and then comparing the identified errors with the stalmaction file. The error listing is printed in the window that you started pmSTALM from and if the errors are listed as “beep” or “alarm” in the stalmaction file, it opens a terminal and sets off the station alarms. For “beep” responses, the alarm will shut off automatically after 5 seconds. Otherwise, you will need to ctrl-C the terminal window that pops up in the upper left corner of your screen (It is helpfully labeled as “Ctrl-C this window”. Currently, the script polls the target every 15 seconds (to keep down network traffic).

This program requires that ssh keys have been given to hobart and ceduna, from the computer that you are running this from. If you haven’t set up ssh keys to allow automatic login to oper@hobart or ceduna, (i.e, without prompting for a password), follow the recipe in Setting up SSH keys2. This should have already been done for newsmerd.

When running from Hobart for Hobart or Ceduna, start with ./ in a newsmerd terminal window.

old info and scratch notes below this point


When you first run pmSTALM it will also try to scp the /home/observer/pmSTALM/ folder from newsmerd, to your $HOME directory. It stores the alarm ogg files and some scratch files in this folder.

The script is “poor-man’s STALM” as it has no ability to communicate with the rakbus and cannot interface with the station alarms. For remote observing, it should be sufficient. A copy can be obtained from /home/observer/ on newsmerd and it is best to also copy the /home/observer/pmSTALM folder as well.

1mplayer may be replaced by a different sound player but this will require the user to edit the script if the repeat function is not invoked by the command line switch “-loop N” . The name of the player is read from the $HOME/pmSTALM/player.txt file.

2This will set up a one-way login, it doesn’t allow for automated logins to your account on the computer you’re running this on.

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