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Ceduna-Hobart Interferometer




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Astro Hack Information

A repository for Astro Hack information


12 August 2014, Simon Ellingsen : ipython notebooks

PDF version of an example ipython notebook

Here is the link to the .ipynb file (save the linked file)

02 September 2014, Chris Jordan : Peach - a Ruby gem (easily create parallel tasks)

The Google Doc presentation can be found here. My GitHub profile can be found here. This has some Ruby code that may help you program with the language, and has some examples including Peach.

Paper Aesthetics

19 August 2014, Courtney Brown : colorbrewer2

choose colour schemes (and export) that are colourblind/photocopy/LCD/print friendly

General Tools

19 August 2014, Courtney Brown : Astronomy Image Explorer

The ADS of images (for IOP journals only): []|

16 September 2014, Bryn Emptage : Physics Course resources

A blog containing a useful list of physics course materials legally and freely available : So you want to be come a Physicist Blog

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