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Ceduna-Hobart Interferometer




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LBA Schedule and Observing Roster for Hobart, November 2013

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Session Notes:

  • Hobart observers must operate Ceduna for the last 26 hours of LBA week. Jamie and Yurii will be at Ceduna for the remaining time.
  • AuScope telescopes are not participating in this session.
  • Please remember to stick a post-it note with the experiment name on the disks when you remove them!
  • Don’t forget to update the ATNF wiki for each experiment. Bare minimum is frequencies, DAS profile and disks. Add any other relevant information. (See past entries for reference.)

Observing & Monitoring Checklists:

Observing setup checklist for Hobart and Ceduna can be found here.

Note that there are no longer any separate fringechecks (except for Simon’s frequency swapping experiment). The fringecheck has been incorporated into the main schedule with the first 30–60 minutes tracking a strong fringe-finder.

Observing Roster for Hobart:

Shift time (local ADST)Experiment(s)BandNotesDifficultyObserver
Mon 18 Nov 16:00 - Tue 19 Nov 09:00vt02bv, rk01jp, vt10t, v452c4.8, 6.0 GHz Easy / MediumStas
Tue 19 Nov 09:00 - Tue 19 Nov 17:00v452c6.0 GHzMonitoring only; coincides with IVSEasyWarren / Stas
Tue 19 Nov 17:00 - Wed 20 Nov 09:00v452c, vt10u, vcxxx, v252u6.0, 6.7 GHzSimon’s experimentEasy/MediumSimon
Wed 20 Nov 09:00 - Wed 20 Nov 21:00v255u6.7 GHzMonitoring onlyEasySimon
Wed 20 Nov 21:00 - Thu 21 Nov 09:00v255u, vcxxx, v316e, vt10v6.7 GHz EasyJD
Thu 21 Nov 09:00 - Thu 21 Nov 18:00vt10v, vcxxx, v506a1.4 GHzswtich to 1.4 GHz and BG3 cableMedium/HardImogen
Thu 21 Nov 18:00 - Fri 22 Nov 09:00v506a, vt10w, vcxxx, v452d1.4 GHzBG3 out; coincides with IVSMediumAnita
Fri 22 Nov 09:00 - Fri 22 Nov 17:00v452d1674 MHzMonitored from AuScope control room during IVS, front end attenuator 8.25dB move trombone +17 stepsEasyN/A
Fri 22 Nov 17:00 - Sat 23 Nov 09:00v452d, vcxxx, v389d, vcxxx, v498b22 GHzreceiver change; coincides with IVS, v389d is at 1650MHz, 7.25dB, move trombone −17 steps (from last experiment, v452dMediumDave
Sat 23 Nov 09:00 - Sat 23 Nov 18:00v498b22 GHzMonitored from CedunaEasyBrett (on call)
Sat 23 Nov 18:00 - Sun 24 Nov 09:00v498b, vcxxx, v463b, vcxxx, v252am22 GHz EasyWarren
Sun 24 Nov 09:00 - Sun 24 Nov 20:00v252am22 GHzMonitored from CedunaEasyBrett (on call)
Sun 24 Nov 20:00 - Mon 25 Nov 09:00v252am, v252an22 GHzbandwidth change; load modules UTAS V001A and ATNF V012BEasy/MediumJim L
Mon 25 Nov 09:00 - Mon 25 Nov 17:00v252an22 GHzMonitoring only; includes CedunaEasyCourtney
Mon 25 Nov 17:00 - Tue 26 Nov 08:00vc216, v490b22 GHzSimon’s experiment; Ceduna monitoringEasyChris

Setup Notes:


ExperimentConfigurationAgilentLO (SML01/SML02)Tone (SMY01)DAS ProfileDisks/Data quantityStart time (ADST)Notes
vt02u     HOB1Mon 1600 
rk01jplba5cm-2p-2IF.set10.5 GHz688 MHz966.2 MHz16MHz_ul_n.proHOB HOMon 1900 
v452clba5cm-2p-2IF.set12.2 GHz828 MHz666.5 MHzVSOP.PROHOB HOTue 0700RCP/LCP
vc215.5cm, v255u.5cm6.7GHz-2p-2IF/1612.2 GHz810 MHz664.7 MHzVSOP.PROCURT V003BTue 2200RCP/LCP and frequency switching. Check ATNF wiki for timing details and make sure changes occur on schedule.
vc215.5cm-icrf, v255u.5cm-icrf6.7GHz-2p-2IF/1612.2 GHz468 / 810 MHz630.5 / 664.7 MHzVSOP.PROCURT V003BTue 2200RCP/LCP
vcxxx, v316elba5cm-2p-2IF.set12.2 GHz810 MHz664.7 MHzVSOP.PROCURT V007AWed 2200RCP/LCP
vt10v     CURT V007AThu 0800 
vcxxx, v506alba20cm-2p-4IF.set4.1 GHz584 MHz165.7 MHz64MHZ_N.PROATNF V009AThu 1600RCP/LCP, double recording rate, requires BG3 cable
vcxxx, v452dlba20cm-2p-2IF.set4.1 GHz578 MHz831.5 MHzVSOP_HO.PROCURT V007AFri 0700RCP/LCP
vcxxx, v389dlba20cm-2p-4IF.set4.1 GHz602 MHz819.5 MHzVSOP_HO.PROATNF V016BFri 2000RCP/LCP
vcxxx, v498blba1cm-2p-4IF.set16.6 GHz706 MHz889.4 MHzVSOP_HO.PROATNF V016BSat 0700RCP/LCP
vcxxx, v252am22GHz-2p-4IF/1616.6 GHz636 MHz ?892.2 MHz ?VSOP_HO.PRO ?CURT V001BSun 0100RCP/LCP
vcxxx, v252an22GHz-2p-4IF/1616.6 GHz636 MHz ?892.2 MHz ?VSOP_HO.PRO ?UTAS V001ASun 0400RCP/LCP
vcxxx, v490b22GHz-2p-4IF/1616.37 GHz495 MHz & 206/706 MHz888.64/880.2 MHzVSOP_HO.PROATNF V012BMon 1800RCP/LCP and frequency switching. Check ATNF wiki for timing details and make sure changes occur on schedule.


ExperimentConfigurationAgilentLO (SML01/SML02)Tone (SMY01)DAS ProfileDisks/Data quantityStart time (ADST)Notes
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