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LBA Schedule and Observing Roster for Hobart, November 2012

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Session Notes:

  • Jo and Vasaant (+Brett) will be in Ceduna. Hobart observers need not operate Ceduna this time.
  • Katherine and Yarragadee to participate in 8 GHz v471b experiment. This will be handled by Hobart observers (will be run from a VNC window on newsmerd). Documentation here
  • Please remember to stick a post-it note with the experiment name on the disks when you remove them!
  • Don’t forget to update the ATNF wiki for each experiment. Bare minimum is frequencies, DAS profile and disks. Add any other relevant information. (See past entries for reference.)

Observing & Monitoring Checklists:

Observing setup checklist for LBA can be found here.

Observing Roster for Hobart:

Shift time (local AEST)Experiment(s)BandNotesDifficultyObserver
Fri 09 Nov 7 AM - Fri 09 Nov 6 PMvt02r, v252ah22 GHz MEDIUMClaire (remote start), Jamie M (day)
Fri 09 Nov 6 PM - Sat 09 Nov 9 AMv252ah, v477a, v252ai22 GHz EASYDave
Sat 10 Nov 9 AM - Sat 15 Nov 9 PMv252ai22 GHz EASYRemote monitor
Sat 10 Nov 9 PM - Sun 11 Nov 9 AMv252ai, v477b, vc182, v471a22 GHz EASYWarren
Sun 11 Nov 9 AM - Sun 11 Nov 9 PMv471a22 GHz EASYRemote monitor
Sun 11 Nov 9 PM - Mon 12 Nov 9 AMv471a, vt20a22 GHz, 1.6 GHz MEDIUM/HARDJamie M
Mon 12 Nov 9 AM - Mon 12 Nov 9 PMvt20a, vc183, v471b1.6 GHz, 8 GHz MEDIUMJamie M
Mon 12 Nov 9 PM - Tue 13 Nov 9 AMv471b8 GHz EASY 
Tue 13 Nov 9 AM - Tue 13 Nov 9 PMv471b, vc184, v471c8 GHz, 1.6 GHz MEDIUM/HARDStas
Tue 13 Nov 9 PM - Wed 14 Nov 9 AMv471c1.6 GHz EASYJacqui
Wed 14 Nov 9 AM - Wed 14 Nov 9 PMv471c, vc185, v483a1.6 GHz, 1.4 GHz MEDIUM/HARDStas
Wed 14 Nov 9 PM - Thu 15 Nov 9 AMv483a, vc186, v256b1.4 GHz, 1.6 GHz MEDIUM/HARDAnita
Thu 15 Nov 9 AM - Thu 15 Nov 7 PMv256b, v464a1.6 GHz MEDIUM/HARDJim
Thu 15 Nov 7 PM - Fri 16 Nov 8 AMv464a, v389c1.6 GHz MEDIUM/HARDSimon

Setup Notes:


ExperimentAgilentLO (SML01/Agilent1)Tone (SMY01)DAS ProfileDisksStart time (AEST)Notes
vt02r & v252ah16.6636/636929.375VSOP_HO.PROCURT V007A & ATNF V009A0800 Friday 9/11/12 
vc182 & v471a16.6636/636929.375VSOP_HO.PROHOB HO0300 Sunday 11/11/12 
re02p16.6724/724888.6816mhz_ul_f.PROUTAS V002A0400 Monday 12/11/12Note the odd DAS profile!
vt20a4.1602/602819.5VSOP_HO.PROUTAS V002A0600 Monday 12/11/12Quadrature IN. Atten @ 6 dB. Phase shifter should be correct (280 steps out from INNER limit). Test with tone @ 825 MHz
vc183 & v471b14777/777841.4VSOP.PROATNF V010A1600 Monday 12/11/12Quadrature OUT. Set Folly to XXXX Note that there’s also vc183h (a fringe check schedule including Hart)
vc184 & v471c4.1602/602819.5VSOP_HO.PROUTAS V001A1300 Tuesday 13/11/12Swap ATNF V010A for ATNF V016B. Quadrature IN. Atten @ 6 dB. Phase shifter should be correct (280 steps out from INNER limit). Test with tone @ 825 MHz. Set folly switches to OOXX
vc185 & v483a4.1882/882679.5VSOP_HO.PROATNF V016B1100 Wednesday 14/11/12Quadrature IN. Atten @ 15.125 dB. Phase shifter should be moved OUT by 23 steps from previous position (to 303 steps out from INNER limit). Test with tone @ 685 MHz Check folly switches are OOXX
vc186 & v256b4.1602/602819.5VSOP_HO.PROUTAS V002A0200 Thursday 15/11/12Swap ATNF V016B for CURT V003B Set Attenuators to 6 dB (via STOAT on rx26m). Check Quadrature IN. Phase shifter should be correct as is. Check folly switches are OOXX
v464a4.1602/602819.5VSOP_HO.PROCURT V003B1500 Thursday 15/11/12No change required
v389c4.1602/602819.5VSOP_HO.PROCURT V003B2000 Thursday15/11/12No change required

Empty disks will either be mounted for you or are located in their cases in front of rack 1. If you need to swap in a new disk, see instructions here


ExperimentAgilentLO (SML01/SML02)Tone (SMY02)DAS ProfileStart time (AEST)Notes
vt02r & v252ah17.4336/336929.375VSOP_HO.PRO0800 Friday 9/11/12 
vt02r & v252ah17.4336/336929.375VSOP_HO.PRO0300 Sunday 11/11/12 
re02p17.4424/424888.6816mhz_ul_f.pro0400 Monday 12/11/12Odd DAS profile!
vt20a3602/602819.5VSOP_HO.PRO0600 Monday 12/11/12Only if L-band is ready and tested.
vc183 & v471b13.04637/637841.4VSOP.PRO1600 Monday 12/11/12 
vc184 & v471c6.2702/702819.5VSOP.PRO1300 Tuesday 13/11/12 
vc185 & v483a6.2422/422679.5VSOP.PRO1100 Wednesday 14/11/12 
vc186 & v256b6.2702/702819.5VSOP.PRO0200 Thursday 15/11/12 
v464a6.2702/702819.5VSOP.PRO1500 Thursday 15/11/12 
v389c6.2702/702819.5VSOP.PRO2000 Thursday 15/11/12 
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