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Ceduna-Hobart Interferometer




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LBA Schedule and Observing Roster for Hobart, March 2013

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Session Notes:

  • Brett will help monitor Hobart during the working day on Thursday/Friday, but the observer should be prepared to help with experiment setup etc.
  • Hobart observers must operate Ceduna (with disk change/setup change assistance from Bev for all experiments through to v256c)
  • Vasaant + Brett will take over Ceduna setup from Monday onwards, but monitoring will continue from Hobart
  • Katherine to participate in 8.4 GHz experiments, operated by Hobart observers (will be run from a VNC window on newsmerd). Documentation here
  • Please remember to stick a post-it note with the experiment name on the disks when you remove them!
  • Don’t forget to update the ATNF wiki for each experiment. Bare minimum is frequencies, DAS profile and disks. Add any other relevant information. (See past entries for reference.)

Observing & Monitoring Checklists:

Observing setup checklist for Hobart and Ceduna can be found here.

Observing Roster for Hobart:

Shift time (local ADST)Experiment(s)BandNotesDifficultyObserver
Thu 14 Mar 11:00 - Thu 14 Mar 21:00vt02s, vc189, v252ai8.4 GHz  Jo
Thu 14 Mar 21:00 - Fri 15 Mar 09:00v252ai, vc190, RadAst, v252aj8.4 GHz, 4.8 GHz  JD
Fri 15 Mar 09:00 - Fri 15 Mar 21:00v252aj8.4 GHz EASYJo & Brett
Fri 15 Mar 21:00 - Sat 16 Mar 09:00v252aj, vc191, v271l8.4 GHz  Anita
Sat 16 Mar 09:00 - Sat 16 Mar 21:00v271l8.4 GHz EASYDave
Sat 16 Mar 21:00 - Sun 17 Mar 09:00v271l, vc192, v465b8.4 GHz  Jay
Sun 17 Mar 09:00 - Sun 17 Mar 16:00v465b8.4 GHz EASYCourtney
Sun 17 Mar 19:00 - Mon 18 Mar 08:00vc193, v486a8.4 GHz  Jim
Mon 18 Mar 14:00 - Tue 19 Mar 11:00vc194, v255r6.7 GHzSimon’s experiment Simon
Tue 19 Mar 11:00 - Wed 20 Mar 08:00vc195, v256c, vc196a, vc196b, v483b1.6 GHz, 1.3 GHz  Stas
Wed 20 Mar 08:00 - Wed 20 Mar 19:00v483b1.3 GHz EASYWarren
Wed 20 Mar 20:00 - Wed 20 Mar 23:00vc197a, vc197b, re03pb4.8/1.6 GHzRadAst  
Wed 20 Mar 23:00 - Thu 21 Mar 09:00vc198, v484a1.6 GHz  Warren

Setup Notes:


ExperimentConfigurationAgilentLO (SML01/Agilent1)Tone (SMY01)DAS ProfileDisks/Data quantityStart time (ADST)Notes
vt02s8.4GHz-2p-2IF/1614.0 GHz777 MHz841.4 MHzVSOP.PRO[Data deleted]Thu 14 12:00 
vc189, v252ai8.4GHz-1p-4IF/1614.0 GHz777/809 MHz841.4/844.6 MHzVSOP.PROATNFV012B (1.26TB)Thu 14 14:00 
vc190, RadAst4.8/1.610.5 GHz688 MHz483.1 MHz16_UL_N.PROATNFV012BFri 15 02:00 
v252aj8.4GHz-1p-4IF/1614.0 GHz777/809 MHz841.4/844.6 MHzVSOP.PROUTASV002A (1.73TB)Fri 15 07:00 
vc191, v271l8.4GHz-1p-Mark5----Mark 5A (5.53 TB)Fri 15 22:00 
vc192, v465b8.4GHz-2p-1IF/6414.0 GHz777 MHz841.4 MHz64MHZ_N.PROATNFV010A, UTASV002A (3.9TB)Sat 16 23:00Start recording on ATNFV010A, switch recording to UTASV002A at about ADST 10:30 (observers please check!). Buggery cable in!. After experiment finishes please swap xraids UTASV002A/ATNFV010A out and put ATNF009A (bank B)/ATNFV016B (bank A) in.
vc193, v486a8.4GHz-2p-1IF/6414.0 GHz777 MHz841.4 MHz64MHZ_N.PROATNF009A (1.5TB)Sun 17 19:00 
vc194, v255r6.7GHz-2p-2IF/1612.2 GHz468/810 MHz664.7 MHzVSOP.PROCURTV001B (2.76TB) + fringe checkMon 18 14:00Buggery cable out! Swap ATNF009A (bank B) for CURTV007A (bank B)
vc195, v256c1.6GHz-2p-2IF/164.1 GHz602 MHz819.5 MHzVSOP_HO.PROATNFV016B (1.5TB)Tue 19 17:00 
vc196a, vc196b, v483b1.3GHz-2p-2IF/164.1 GHz882 (both LOs, mode 1+vc196a), 909 (both LOs, mode 2+vc196b) MHz453.0 (mode 1), 666.0 MHz (mode 2)VSOP_HO.PROCURT007A (1.5TB)Wed 20 06:00Manual mode change at UT 21:49
vc197a, vc197b, re03pb4.8/1.610.5 GHz688 MHz483.1 MHz16_UL_N.PROATNFV016B (0.23TB)Wed 20 22:00 
vc198, v484a1.6GHz-2p-2IF/164.1 GHz631 MHz805.0 MHzVSOP_HO.PROCURT007A (1.0TB)Thu 21 00:00 


ExperimentConfigurationAgilentLO (SML01/SML02)Tone (SMY02)DAS ProfileDisksStart time (ADST)Notes
vt02s8.4GHz-2p-2IF/1613.04 GHz637 MHz841.4 MHzVSOP.PROATNF V006A (0.23TB)Thu 14 12:00 
vc189, v252ai8.4GHz-1p-4IF/1613.04 GHz637/669 MHz841.4/844.6 MHzVSOP.PROATNF V006A (1.38TB)Thu 14 14:00 
v252aj8.4GHz-1p-4IF/1613.04 GHz637/669 MHz841.4/844.6 MHzVSOP.PROCurt V005B (1.73TB)Fri 15 07:00 
vc191, v271l8.4GHz-1p-4IF/1613.04 GHz428/684 MHz820.5/846.1 MHzVSOP.PROCurt V003A (2.86 TB)Fri 15 22:00 
vc192, v465b8.4GHz-2p-1IF/6413.04 GHz637 MHz841.4 MHz?64MHZ_N.PROATNF V016A, ATNF V006A (3.9TB, assuming 2p-1IF/64)Sat 16 23:00BG3 In & Change Xraid A disks, install ATNF V007A & ATNF V012A
vc193, v486a8.4GHz-2p-2IF/1613.04 GHz637 MHz841.4 MHz64MHZ_N.PROATNF V007A & ATNF V012ASun 17 19:00BG3 Out
vc194, v255r6.7GHz-2p-2IF/1611.1 GHz810/468 MHz664.7 MHzVSOP.PROCURT V0004A (2.76TB)Mon 18 14:00Rx Change & Change Xraid B disks install Curt V004A & Curt V004B
vc195, v256c1.6GHz-2p-4IF/166.2 GHz702 MHz819.5 MHzVSOP.PROCurt V004B (2.76TB)Tue 19 17:00 
vc196a, v196b, v483b1.3GHz-2p-2IF/166.198 GHz397 MHz666.0 MHzVSOP.PROCurt V006B (1.38TB)Wed 20 06:00Manual mode change at UT 21:49. Careful to avoid illegal IF.
vc197a, vc197b, re03pb1.6GHz-2p-2IF/166.2 GHz720 MHz831.5 MHz16_UL_N.PROCURT V006BWed 20 22:00 
vc198, v484a1.6GHz-2p-2IF/166.2 GHz673 MHz805VSOP.PROCURT V006BThu 21 00:00 


To check which module is active, type this command into the Field System:


To manually set a Bank, use the mk5=bank_set command. e.g. To set Bank A:

ExperimentDisk moduleNotes
v252aiBank B (HOB+1003) 
v252ajBank A (PKS+0012) 
vc191Bank A (PKS+0012)PKS+0012 now full (7.6 TB)
v271lBank B (HOB+1003)Change Bank A module to HOB+1000 during this experiment
vc192Bank A (HOB+1000) 
v465bBank A (HOB+1000) 
vc193Bank A (HOB+1000) 
v586aBank A (HOB+1000) 
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