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LBA Schedule and Observing Roster for Hobart, March 2012

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Observing Roster for Hobart March 2012:

Time (local; EST)Experiment(s)BandNotesObserver
Tue 6 Mar 4:30 PM - Wed 7 Mar 8:30 AMv252ac22 GHzCeduna & HobartAnita
Wed 7 Mar 4:30 PM - Thu 8 Mar 8:30 AMv255q6.7 GHzCeduna & HobartSimon
Thu 8 Mar 11:30 PM - Fri 9 Mar 8:30 AMvc163, v452a6.7 GHz (Hob), 6.0 GHz (Ced)Ceduna & Hobart, initial setup, receiver change at Hobart (back to 6.7 GHz after 22 GHz tests)Jay
Fri 9 Mar 4:30 PM - Sat 10 Mar 7:00 AMvc164, v256a1.6 GHzHobart only, initial setup, quad hybrid tuning same as VSIC tests immediately prior. BUT MAY NEED TO BE RETUNED POST-EXPERIMENT for Sat morning tests. (Awaiting confirmation).JD
Sat 10 Mar 11:30 PM - Sun 11 Mar 1:00 PMvc165, v452b1.6 GHzHobart only, initial setup, experiment uses quadrature hybridJo & Courtney
Sun 11 Mar 7:30 PM - Sun 11 Mar 11:30 PMvc166/vc167, vt19a/b1.6 GHz, 4.8 GHzHobart only, RadioAstron tests, experiment uses quadrature hybrid?Brett & Jay

During office hours both Ceduna and Hobart monitored and operated by Brett (on-site) & Jo, Simon & Jay at Sandy Bay.

Additional Tests & Scheduled Items

Tests are now marked on the block schedule. (Check the png version.)
All times given below are ADST. All tests use Hobart only (Ceduna idle).
Check the main VLBI wiki page for frequency setup. (No information available at time of writing.)

  1. Thursday ~10:00–12:30: ASKAP eVLBI X-band tests. Need to swap in BG3 cable.
  2. Thursday 12:30–13:30: JD & Jo configuring quad hybrid
  3. Thursday 14:30–15:30: 8 GHz student time (reconfigure for 22 GHz upon completion)
  4. Thursday 19:00–24:00: 22 GHz KVN eVLBI tests. Jo & JD to set up for these before going home. DAS profile is 16MHZ_UL_F.PRO.
  5. Friday 13:00–18:00: L-band VSIC. Same frequency as v256a.
  6. Saturday 11:00–15:00: ADST L-band GMRT tests. Jo to manage these from Sandy Bay. Quad hybrid may have to have been retuned from night before (JD). Data needs to be saved (data rate: 128 Mbps).

Setup Notes


ExperimentAgilentLO (SMY)Tone (SML)DAS ProfileDisksNotes
vc161 & v252ac16600 MHz636 MHz892.2 or 929.375 MHzVSOP_HO.PROCURTV001B 
vc162 & v255q12200 MHz810/468 MHz (LO1), 810 MHz (LO2)830.875, 630.5 MHzVSOP.PROATNFV009A 
vc163 & v452a12200 MHz828 MHz666.5 MHzVSOP.PRO  
vc164 & v256a4100 MHz602 MHz819.5 MHzVSOP_HO.PRO  
vc165 & v452b4100 MHz578 MHz332.6 MHzVSOP_HO.PRO  
vc166 & rafs164100 MHz584 MHz828.5 MHz16MHZ_UL.PRO, need to decide _F or _N  
vc167 & rafs1610500 MHz680 MHz965.0 MHz16MHZ_UL.PRO, need to decide _F or _N  


ExperimentAgilentLO (SMY01/03)Tone (SMY02)DAS ProfileDisksNotes
vc161 & v252ac17400 MHz336 MHz929.375 MHzVSOP_HO.PROCURTV006B 
vc162 & v255q11100 MHz810/468 MHz (LO1), 810 MHz (LO2)830.875, 630.5 MHzVSOP.PROATNFV015B 
vc163 & v452a10600694 MHz603.1 MHz  Source detection at 6042 MHz confirmed by Simon.
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