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Mt Pleasant 26m

Ceduna 30m

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Ceduna-Hobart Interferometer




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LBA Schedule and Observing Roster for Hobart, June 2014

Useful links:

Session Notes:

  • Simon, Yurii and Liza are managing the session, please contact them in case of any difficulty
  • Hobart observers must operate Ceduna. The wind speed monitor is only working intermittently (if the antenna_monitor on the pcfscd VNC session has sensible temperature, then the wind speed is correct, if it reads −50 then it isn’t working). If there are any problems with Ceduna that can’t be fixed remotely, contact Bev on 0428 252 195
  • Hobart observers operate Hobart 26m: remotely during the day time when Brett is at site, and from Mt. Pleasant control room during night time and when Brett is away (dates still to be clarified).
  • Hobart is being controlled through newsmerd VNC on display :1 (port 5901) and Ceduna through pcfscd VNC on display :0 (port 5900).
  • For Hobart VNC session Skype chat is in virtual display 1 ; cdisko, oscillator_gui, Folly, OTTER are all in virtual display 3 and pcfs is in display 5
  • For Ceduna VNC session cdisko, DAS, pcfs are all in the left-top virtual display and oscillator_gui, Folly interface are in the centre-top virtual display.
  • Don’t forget to update the ATNF wiki for each experiment. Bare minimum is frequencies, DAS profile and disks. Add any other relevant information. (See past entries for reference.)
  • Every observer please identify yourself and your physical location (AuScope Room or Mt Pleasant) in Skype chat during your shift; when going to sleep, please write your mobile phone number.
  • Please remember to stick a sticky label note with the experiment name on the disks when you remove them!
  • AuScope telescopes are not participating in this session (they are primarily doing geodetic observations at the same time)

Some good web pages to monitor

Observing & Monitoring Checklists:

Observing setup checklist for Hobart and Ceduna can be found here.

Observing Roster for Hobart

Session 1:

Shift time (local ADST)Experiment(s)BandNotesDifficultyObserver
Mon 2 Jun 13:00 - Mon 2 Jun 16:00vcxxx(check), v252ar8.4 GHz EasySimon
Mon 2 Jun 16:00 - Tue 3 Jun 09:00v252ar8.4 GHz Easy / MediumVasaant
Tue 3 Jun 09:00 - Tue 3 Jun 16:00v252ar, vcxxx(check), v486d8.4 GHz Easy / MediumLiza
Tue 3 Jun 16:00 - Wed 4 Jun 09:00v486d, vcxxx(check), v493a8.4 GHz Easy / MediumDave/Warren
Wed 4 Jun 09:00 - Wed 4 Jun 16:00v493a, vt10ai(tests)8.4, ?? GHzHobart does not observe L bandMediumYurii
Wed 4 Jun 16:00 - Thu 5 Jun 09:00vt10ai(tests), Cd only: RA, RadioAstron, vcxxx(check), v519b??, 1.6 GHzHobart does not observe L bandMediumEllen
Thu 5 Jun 09:00 - Thu 5 Jun 16:30Cd only: v519b1.6 GHzHobart does not observe L bandEasy / MediumLiza

Session 2:

Shift time (local ADST)Experiment(s)BandNotesDifficultyObserver
Wed 11 Jun 16:00 - Thu 12 Jun 09:00vt10aj(tests), vc242(check), v495a1.2, 8.4, 1.6 GHz MediumChris
Thu 12 Jun 09:00 - Thu 12 Jun 16:00v527a1.6 GHz Easy / MediumSimon
Thu 12 Jun 16:00 - Fri 13 Jun 09:00v527a, vc241(check), v504c1.6 GHz Easy / MediumEllen
Fri 13 Jun 09:00 - Fri 13 Jun 16:00v504c, RA, RadioAstron1.6 GHz Easy / MediumYurii
Fri 13 Jun 16:00 - Sat 14 Jun 12:00RadioAstron, v508a1.6 GHz MediumAnita

Setup Notes:

Session 1:


ExperimentConfigurationAgilentLO (SML01/SML02)Tone (SMY01)DAS ProfileDisks/Data quantityStart time (AEST)Notes
vt02xlba3cm-2p-2IF14.0 GHz777/777841.4VSOPV012BMon 13:00 
v252arlba3cm-2p-2IF14.0 GHz777/777841.4VSOPV012BMon 14:00 
v486dlba3cm-2p-2IF14.0 GHz777/777841.4VSOPHOB HOTue 13:00 
v493alba3cm-1p-2IF14.0 GHz584/648820.5/826.964MHZ_NV016BWed 01:00BG3 cable in, RCP into both sides of DAS


ExperimentConfigurationAgilentLO (SML01/SML02)Tone (SMY01)DAS ProfileDisks/Data quantityStart time (AEST)Notes
vt02xlba3cm-2p-2IF13.040 GHz637/637841.4VSOPATNF V015BMon 13:00 
v252arlba3cm-2p-2IF13.040 GHz637/637841.4VSOPATNF V015BMon 14:00 
v486dlba3cm-2p-2IF13.040 GHz637/637841.4VSOPATNF V006ATue 13:00 
v493alba3cm-1p-4IF13.040 GHz428/460820.5/825.3VSOPATNF V006AWed 01:00RCP into both sides of DAS
vt10ailba20cm-2p-2IF6.0 GHz572/572654.5VSOPATNF V007AWed 10:00Cd only
vc239lba20cm-2p-2IF6.2 GHz720/720828.516_UL_NATNF V007AWed 18:00Cd only
gs032dlba20cm-2p-2IF6.2 GHz720/720828.516_UL_NATNF V007AWed 19:00Cd only
v519blba20cm-2p-2IF6.2 GHz702/702819.5VSOP_HOCURT V006BThu 03:00Cd only

Session 2:


ExperimentConfigurationAgilentLO (SML01/SML02)Tone (SMY01)DAS ProfileDisks/Data quantityStart time (AEST)Notes
vc242lba3cm-2p-2IF14.0 GHz777/777841.4VSOPCURT V003BWed 20:00 
v495alba3cm-2p-2IF14.0 GHz777/777841.4VSOPCURT V003BWed 21:00 
vc241lba20cm-2p-2IF4.1 GHz602/602819.5VSOP_HOCURT V003BFri 01:00Depends on L-band availability
v504clba20cm-2p-2IF4.1 GHz602/602819.5VSOP_HOCURT V003BFri 02:00Depends on L-band availability
RAlba20cm-2p-2IF4.1 GHz584/584828.516_UL_FCURT V001BFri 14:00Depends on L-band availability
RadioAstronlba20cm-2p-2IF4.1 GHz584/584828.516_UL_FCURT V001BFri 15:00Depends on L-band availability
v508alba20cm-2p-2IF4.1 GHz602/602819.5VSOP_HOCURTV001BSat 00:00Depends on L-band availability


ExperimentConfigurationAgilentLO (SML01/SML02)Tone (SMY01)DAS ProfileDisks/Data quantityStart time (AEST)Notes
vt10ajlba20cm-2p-2IF6.0 GHz572/572654.5VSOP_HOCURTV004BWed 12:00Cd only
vc242lba3cm-2p-2IF13.040 GHz637/637841.4VSOPCURTV004BWed 20:00 
v495alba3cm-2p-2IF13.040 GHz637/637841.4VSOPCURTV004BWed 21:00 
v527alba20cm-2p-2IF6.2 GHz702/702819.5VSOPCURT V004AThu 12:00Cd only
vc241lba20cm-2p-2IF6.2 GHz702/702819.5VSOPATNF V005BFri 01:00Cd only
v504clba20cm-2p-2IF6.2 GHz702/702819.5VSOPATNF V005BFri 02:00Cd only
RAlba20cm-2p-2IF6.2 GHz720/720828.516_UL_NCURT V004AFri 14:00 
RadioAstronlba20cm-2p-2IF6.2 GHz720/720828.516_UL_NCURT V004AFri 15:00 
v508alba20cm-2p-2IF6.2 GHz702/702819.5VSOPATNF V005BSat 00:00 
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