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Mt Pleasant 26m

Ceduna 30m

Mt Pleasant 14m

Ceduna-Hobart Interferometer




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LBA Schedule and Observing Roster for Hobart, Apr 2015

Useful links:

Session Notes:

  • Hobart observers must operate Hobart 26m and Ceduna. If there are any problems with Ceduna that can’t be fixed remotely, contact Bev on 0428 252 195
  • Hobart observers operate Hobart 26m remotely.
  • Hobart is being controlled through newsmerd VNC on display :1 (port 5901) and Ceduna through pcfscd VNC on display :0 (port 5900).
  • For Hobart VNC session Skype chat is in virtual display 1 ; cdisko, oscillator_gui, Folly, OTTER are all in virtual display 3 and pcfs is in display 5
  • For Ceduna VNC session cdisko, DAS, pcfs are all in the left-top virtual display and oscillator_gui, Folly interface are in the centre-top virtual display.
  • Don’t forget to update the ATNF wiki for each experiment. Bare minimum is frequencies, DAS profile and disks. Add any other relevant information. (See past entries for reference.)
  • Every observer please identify yourself and your physical location (AuScope Room or Mt Pleasant) in Skype chat during your shift; when going to sleep, please write your mobile phone number.
  • Please remember to stick a sticky label note with the experiment name on the disks when you remove them!

Some good web pages to monitor

Observing & Monitoring Checklists:

Observing setup checklist for Hobart and Ceduna can be found here.

Setup Notes:

Roster (forced-volunteered):

Shift time (AEST)ExperimentsObserversNotes
Wed Jul 15, 10:00–17:00vt027z, v447BLucia, JamieFringe check, experiment start
Wed Jul 15, 17:00–23:00v447bRoss 
Wed Jul 15, 23:00-Thu Jul 16, 00:00v447bDaveExperiment logs
Thu Jul 16, 10:00–20:00vcxxx, v486xLizaFringe check, experiment start
Thu Jul 16, 20:00–23:00v486xSimonExperiment logs
Thu Jul 16, 23:00-Fri Jul 17, 09:00vcxxx, v252auJamieChange BG3 cable at MtP, fringe check, experiment start
Fri Jul 17, 09:00–17:00v252au, vcxxx, v516dImogen, LizaExperiment logs, fringe check, experiment start
Fri Jul 17, 17:00–23:00v516dEllen 
Fri Jul 17, 23:00-Sat Jul 18, 09:00v516d, vcxxx, v525bRoss with help of JamieExperiment logs, receiver change (Jamie), fringe check, experiment start
Sat Jul 18, 09:00–12:30v525bSimon 
Sat Jul 18, 12:30–17:00v525bRoss 
Sat Jul 18, 17:00–22:00v525b, vc287, v499bJesseExperiment logs, fringe check, experiment start
Sat Jul 18, 22:00-Sun Jul 19, 07:00v499b, vc286, v255yLizaExperiment logs, fringe check, experiment start
Sun Jul 19, 07:00–19:00v255yVasaant 
Sun Jul 19, 19:00−23:00v255yRoss 
Sun Jul 19, 23:00-Mon Jul 20, 06:00v255yVasaantExperiment logs
Wed Jul 22, 01:00–09:00vc285, rk12asEllenSetup, fringe check? , experiment start
Wed Jul 22, 09:00–17:00rk12asDave 
Wed Jul 22, 17:00–23:00rk12asEllen 
Wed Jul 22, 23:00-Thu Jul 23, 04:00rk12asJesseExperiment logs

Setup info:

Hobart, Ceduna

ExperimentConfiguration/freq Ho,CdDAS ProfileStart time (AEST)Theme — PIObservers
vt02z8.4GHz64MHz_[nf].proWed Jul 15, 12:00–13:00Fringe checkLucia, Jamie
v447blba3cm-2p-1IF-64MHz.set64MHz_[nf].proWed Jul 15 13:00–00:00Miller-JonesRoss, Dave
vcxxx8.4GHz64MHz_[nf].proThu Jul 16, 10:00–11:00Fringe checkLiza
v486flba3cm-2p-1IF-64MHz.set64MHz_[nf].proThu Jul 16, 11:00–23:00James Miller-JonesLiza, Jamie
vcxxx8.4GHzvsop.proThu Jul 16, 23:00–00:00Fringe checkJamie
v252aulba3cm-2p-2IF.setvsop.proFri Jul 17, 00:00–10:00Roopesh OjhaJamie
vcxxx8.4GHzvsop.proFri Jul 17, 10:00–10:30Fringe checkImogen
v516dlba3cm-2p-2IF.setvsop.proFri Jul 17, 10:30- Sat Jul 18, 06:30BannisterImogen, Liza, Ellen, Ross
vcxxx6.7GHzvsop.proSat Jul 18, 08:00–09:30Fringe checkRoss, Jamie
v525blba5cm-2p-2IF.setvsop.proSat Jul 18, 09:30–19:00BurnsRoss, Jamie, Simon, Jesse
vc2876.7GHzvsop.proSat Jul 18, 19:00–19:30Fringe checkJesse
v499blba5cm-2p-2IF.setvsop.proSat Jul 18, 19:30-Sun Jul 19, 05:00SugiyamaJesse, ??
vc2866.7GHzvsop.proSun Jul 19, 06:00–06:00Fringe check??, Vasaant, Ross, ??
v255ylba5cm-2p-2IF.setvsop.proSun Jul 19, 06:00-Mon Jul 20, 08:00Ellingsen??

Hobart, Ceduna

ExperimentConfiguration/freq Ho,CdDAS ProfileStart time (AEST)Theme — PIObservers
vc285L16mhz_ulWed Jul 22, 01:00–04:00RadioAstron AGN SurveyEllen
rk12asL16mhz_ulWed Jul 22, 03:40-Thu Jul 23, 04:00RadioAstron AGN SurveyEllen, Dave, Jesse
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