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Ceduna-Hobart Interferometer




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LBA Jul 09

Hobart/Ceduna LBA observers schedule for July 09 session;

ExperimentTime (UT)ObserverNotes
vt02l183/0200–183/0700 UTSimon (Thursday day) 
v275c183/0700–184/0200 UTSimon (Thursday night) 
vc085184/0200–184/0300 UTBrett (Friday day) 
v252m184/0300–185/0300 UTJim (Friday night) 
vc086185/0300–185/0400 UTWarren/Shari (Sat. day) 
rg001c185/0400–185/0900 UTWarren/Shari (Sat. day)eVLBI, no Ceduna swap both diskpacks Hobart and Ceduna before/during the eVLBI run.
v311a185/0900–185/1800 UTShari (Saturday night)64 MHz/BG3 cable
vc088185/2100–185/2200 UTShari (Saturday night)Rx change Hobart/Ceduna
v271c186/2200–186/2200 UTJamie Mc (Sun. day), John (Sun. night)Mk5 at Hobart
vt11o186/2200–187/0400 UTJohn/Brett (Monday day)no Ceduna. Ceduna finished for the session
vc089187/0400–187/0500 UTBrett (Monday day)Rx change Hobart, no Ceduna
v289c187/0500–187/0900 UTBrett (Monday day)eVLBI, no Ceduna
p685187/1000–187/1300 UTJim (Monday night)S/X with MK5, no Ceduna

Suggested Disk Usage

v275cATNF V016BATNF V009A
v252mCURT V003BATNF V013A
rg001ceVLBINo Ceduna
v311aCURT V001BATNF V010A
v271cMk5 ModuleATNF V005A

Setup Notes

NOTE: I think that these LO frequencies, DAS profiles are correct, however, please check coherence etc carefully at setup time ase mistakes are always possible.


ExperimentAgilent (GHz)LO (SMY)Tone (SML)DAS ProfileNotes
v275c16.6636 MHz892.2 
v252m16.6636 MHz892.2 
rg001c16.6723 MHz889.36 MHzho16×2xf.proeVLBI, run, see wiki. Use 889.36 MHz tone to give coherence on bandsplitter port
v311a16.6724 MHz888.04 MHz64mhz_n.proBG3/64 MHz cable in, use fauto to see location of tone, should be 5 MHz below top edge of band
v271c14.0N/A NoneMk5a experiment
vt11t14.0777 MHz841.4 MHzvsop.proeVLBI, see wiki
v289c/d4.1852 MHz138.9
p685S/X RxN/A NoneMk5a recording


ExperimentAgilent (GHz)LO (SMY)Tone (SMY)DAS ProfileNotes
v275c17.4336 MHz892.00002 
v252m17.4336 MHz892.00002 
v311a17.4424 MHz888.04 MHz64mhz.proBG3/64 MHz cable in, use fauto to see location of tone, should be 5 MHz below top edge of band
v271c13.04428 MHz LHS, 684 MHz RHS820.00005 MHzvsop.proRCP only, different LOs into both sides of DAS, tone will give signal only on IF#1
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