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Schedules: LBA Jan 17

title LBA Schedule and Observing Roster for Hobart, Jan 2017

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Observing & Monitoring Checklists:

Observing setup checklist for Hobart and Ceduna can be found here.


Shift time (AEST)ExperimentsObserversNotes
Wed Jan 18, 1000–1600vt02aeBrett, WarrenFringe-check, experiment start
Wed Jan 18, 1400–2300vt02aeArwin, Brynn (AuScope)Monitoring during R1775
Wed Jan 18, 2300–2400v454cWarren (Mt P)experiment start
Thur Jan 19,0000–0900v454cRoss (Auscope)Monitoring during R1775
Thur Jan 19, 1000–1100v252av-HoWarren (Mt P)Ho leaves LBA experiment start
Thur Jan 19, 1100–1700v252avLuciaMonitoring during CRF98
Thur Jan 19, 1700–2300v252avNick, Arwin (Auscope)Monitoring during CRF98/R4775
Thur Jan 19, 2300–2400v329fWarrenexperiment start
Fri Jan 20, 0000–0500v329fArwinMonitoring during CRF98/R4775
Fri Jan 20, 0500–0900v329f+HoWarren, Arwin (Auscope)Ho rejoin LBA, monitoring during R4775
Fri Jan 20, 0900–1700v329fNick (Mt P)Monitoring during R4775
Sat Jan 20, 0000–0100v486j+KeSomeone?Ke joins LBA experiment start
Sat Jan 20, 0000–0500v486jTiege ( Auscope)Monitoring during R4775
Sat Jan 20, 0500–1200v486j+YgWarren, Tiege ( Auscope)IVS ends, Yg joins LBA, monitoring

Setup Notes:

Ke Yg

Schedules yet to be downloaded and drudged. Ke joins LBA 5:00 am Friday following CRF98 Yg joins after 5am Saturday following R4775

Hobart, Ceduna

ExperimentAgilent Ho,CdSMLs Ho,CdDAS Profile Ho,CdStart time (AEST)Observers
All14.0, 13.04777/777/841.4, 637/637/841.4VSOP.PRO, VSOP.PROWed 00:00Brett, Warren
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