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LBA Observing Session, February 2020

Telescope setup and monitoring guides

Guides by Lucas Hyland from 2019 The visual overview layout is a bit obsolete and the setup guides have a few things that changed (ports and script versions). I’ll note these changes in the pages above. Please use these to check for things not in the above pages.

Original guide This is somewhat obsolete when it comes to the Mark5B and Mark5C stuff, but has many good things still (e.g. a checklist for monitoring)

General information

Online pages to monitor

Bitmasks and modes for experiments (for fila10g setup)

(Only correct for Ho and Cd, fix soon. please do grep mode= /usr2/proc/$EXPER$ANT.prc on each fs instead to get the bitmask from the prc files directly. See pdf guides for details.)

  • vt02aq: 0xffffffff Mark5B−1024–16–2
  • v253d: 0xffffffff Mark5B−1024–16–2
  • vc384: 0xffff0000 Mark5B−512–8−2
  • v191c: 0xffff0000 Mark5B−512–8−2
  • v252bt: 0×0f0f0000 Mark5B−256–4−2
  • v587a: 0×00000000 Mark5B−512–8−2
  • v560e: 0×00000f0f Mark5B−256–4−2


  • Familiarise yourself with how things work before your shift.
  • Arrive a bit before your shift to ensure a smooth handover.
  • Identify yourself at the start of your shift in the chat. When away for an extended time, please let people know. Mattermost can be installed on your phone to get notifications.
  • Keep the LBA people updated in the chat during experiment changes and if problems occur. Better to be too detailed than silent.
  • After finishing a shift, please update the person following you and fill out the handover notes.


  1. Check setup guides’ troubleshooting section and handover notes.
  2. Try asking for help in the LBA chat and AuScope chat.
  3. Try contacting Lucas or Gabor. Phone numbers are on the whiteboard in the AuScope room.


  • Fringe check session: Make sure .prc and .snp files are available and correct before session starts. Pay attention to chat and fringe check results and troubleshoot as necessary. Main experiments after fringe check sessions always use the same frequency setup, so if something worked during the fringe check, be sure that you have it the same way for the following experiment. Fill out handover notes.
  • Receiver changes: Don’t forget that Ceduna needs to be changed manually, so make sure to keep in touch with Bev (phone number on whiteboard).
  • Experiment start: Make sure .prc and .snp files are available and correct before experiment starts. Experiments usually have a short fringe check session at the start. Pay attention to chat and fringe check results and troubleshoot as necessary. Once there are fringes, don’t change the setup. Fill out handover notes.
  • Experiment middle: Monitor the antennas and note down anything unusual in the handover notes.
  • Experiment end: Stow antennas if necessary and fill out handover notes.

UTAS telescopes

Shift (local time)Observer (duration)ExperimentsStationsNotes
17 Feb (Mo)
Lucas (6h)vt09aqHoCdKeYgFringe check session (S-band/13cm)
17 Feb (Mo)
22–8 (Tu)
Earl (10h)v253dHoCdKeYgExperiment start (S-band/13cm)
18 Feb (Tu)
Becca (3h)v253dHoCdKeYgExperiment middle
18 Feb (Tu)
Gabor (2h)v253dHoCdKeYgExperiment end
18 Feb (Tu)
Mas (5h)vc384, v191cHoCdKeYgFringe check session & experiment start (S-band/13cm)
18 Feb (Tu)
22–8 (We)
Katie (10h)v191cHoCdKeYgExperiment middle
19 Feb (We)
Patrick (7h)v191c, v252btHoCdKeYgExperiment end & start (S-band/13cm)
19 Feb (We)
Eloise (7h)v252btHoCdKeYgExperiment middle
19 Feb (We)
22–8 (Th)
Prad (10h)v252btHoCdKeYgExperiment middle
20 Feb (Th)
Jay (7h)v252bt, v587aHoCdKeYgExperiment end & start (S-band/13cm)
20 Feb (Th)
Simin (7h)v587aHoCdKeYgExperiment middle
20 Feb (Th)
22–8 (Fr)
Gabor (10h)v587a, v560eHoCdKeYgExperiment end & start w/receiver change (L-band/21cm)
21 Feb (Fr)
Lim (7h)v560eHoCdExperiment end
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