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Mt Pleasant 26m

Ceduna 30m

Mt Pleasant 14m

Ceduna-Hobart Interferometer




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LBA Schedule and Observing Roster for Hobart, Apr 2015

Useful links:

Session Notes:

  • Hobart observers must operate Ceduna an AuScope telescopes (Ke and Yg this time). If there are any problems with Ceduna that can’t be fixed remotely, contact Bev on 0428 252 195
  • Hobart observers operate Hobart 26m remotely.
  • Hobart is being controlled through newsmerd VNC on display :1 (port 5901) and Ceduna through pcfscd VNC on display :0 (port 5900).
  • For Hobart VNC session Skype chat is in virtual display 1 ; cdisko, oscillator_gui, Folly, OTTER are all in virtual display 3 and pcfs is in display 5
  • For Ceduna VNC session cdisko, DAS, pcfs are all in the left-top virtual display and oscillator_gui, Folly interface are in the centre-top virtual display.
  • Don’t forget to update the ATNF wiki for each experiment. Bare minimum is frequencies, DAS profile and disks. Add any other relevant information. (See past entries for reference.)
  • Every observer please identify yourself and your physical location (AuScope Room or Mt Pleasant) in Skype chat during your shift; when going to sleep, please write your mobile phone number.
  • Please remember to stick a sticky label note with the experiment name on the disks when you remove them!

Some good web pages to monitor

Observing & Monitoring Checklists:

Observing setup checklist for Hobart and Ceduna can be found here.

Setup Notes:

Hobart, Ceduna, Yarragadee, Katherine

ExperimentConfiguration Ho,CdDAS ProfileStart time (AEST)Theme — PIObservers
vc2708.4GHzvsop.proTue 06:00–07:00Gaia link sources — WittChris
v518alba3cm-1p-4IF.setvsop.proTue 07:00-Wed 06:00Gaia link sources — WittChris, TBA, TBA
vc27118.4GHzMark5Wed 06:00–07:00LBA Calibrator Survey — L.PetrovVasaant
v271nlba3cm-1p-4IF.setMark5Wed 07:00-Thu 07:00LBA Calibrator Survey — L.PetrovVasaant, Ellen 12 - 4pm, Warren 4–8, Dave (from 8 pm)

1 For some reason, Katherine was not included in this experiment, however it is included in the subsequent one.

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