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LBA Schedule and Observing Roster for Hobart, April 2012

Useful links:

Session Notes:

Shifts are labelled with a difficulty level.

Easy: No setup or changeover required. Monitoring only — NOVICES ONLY!!
Medium: Easy setup/changeover only.
Hard: More complex setup/changeover (recabling etc.)


Please check experiment changeover times and details in setup notes. For easy (software only) setup/changeovers, observers will set up Ceduna too. For more complex procedures that require liaising with Bev, Ceduna setup/changeover to be handled by Jo or Jamie. Confirm setup/changeover person for Ceduna here.

Contact People:

In the case of problems during observing, the designated contact people are Jamie, Jo, Stas or Jay. Available on-call people are listed in the table.
Mobile numbers are on the board in the AuScope room, and will also be mailed to observers prior to the session.

Observing & Monitoring Checklists:

Observing setup checklist for LBA (Hobart & Ceduna) can be found here.

Observing Roster for Hobart April 2012:

Shift time (local AEST)Experiment(s)BandNotesDifficultyObserverOn-call people
Thu 26 Apr 11 AM - Thu 26 Apr 9 PMvt02p, v454a8.4 GHz MEDIUMJoJamie, Jo, Stas
Thu 26 Apr 9 PM - Fri 27 Apr 9 AMv454a, vc168, v329d8.4 GHz MEDIUMJohnJamie, Jo
Fri 27 Apr 9 AM - Fri 27 Apr 9 PMv329d, vc169, v252ad8.4 GHzSwap UTAS V001A for ATNF V016BHARDAnitaJamie, Stas, Jay
Fri 27 Apr 9 PM - Sat 28 Apr 9 AMv252ad8.4 GHz EASYJamieJamie, Stas, Jay
Sat 28 Apr 9 AM - Sat 28 Apr 9 PMvc170, v271k8.4 GHzSwap UTAS V002A for CURT V001BMEDIUM?StasJamie, Jo, Stas, Jay
Sat 28 Apr 9 PM - Sun 29 Apr 9 AMv271k8.4 GHz EASYDaveJamie, Jo, Jay
Sun 29 Apr 9 AM - Sun 29 Apr 9 PMv271k, vc171, v429b8.4 GHz, 2.3 GHz HARDJayJamie, Jo
Sun 29 Apr 9 PM - Mon 30 Apr 9 AMv429b, vc172, v466a2.3 GHzSwap ATNF V010A for CURT 007AMEDIUMMinnieJamie, Jo
Mon 30 Apr 9 AM - Mon 30 Apr 9 PMv466a, vc173, v465a2.3 GHzSwap ATNF V016B for ATNF V009AMEDIUMSimonJamie, Jo, Stas
Mon 30 Apr 9 PM - Tue 1 May 9 AMv465a2.3 GHz EASYWarrenJamie, Jo
Tue 1 May 9 AM - Tue 1 May 9 PMv465a, vc174, v444b2.3 GHzSwap one A-bank disk for CURT V003BMEDIUMCourtneyJamie, Jo, Stas
Tue 1 May 9 PM - Wed 2 May 9 AMv444b2.3 GHz EASYVasaantJamie, Jo, Stas

Setup Notes:


ExperimentAgilentLO (SML01/SML02)Tone (SMY01)DAS ProfileDisksStart time (AEST)Notes
vt02p14777841.4VSOP.PROUTAS V001AThu 26, 11:00Testing - follow LBA chat for any changes
v454a14777841.4VSOP.PROUTAS V001AThu 26, 17:00Rx6, dual pol (XXXX on folly_interface)
vc168 & v329d14777841.4VSOP.PROUTAS V001AThu 26, 22:00, 23:00Rx6, dual pol (XXXX on folly_interface)
vc169 & v252ad14777(?) & 809(?)841.4(?) & 844.6(?)VSOP.PROUTAS V002AFri 27, 11:00, 12:00Rx6 - RCP only (XOXX on folly_interface), swap UTAS V001A for ATNF V016B
vc170 & v271kN/AN/ASpecial - see belowN/AMark5ASat 28, 12:00, 13:00Rx1 - S/X using mark4 rack & mark5A recorder, swap UTAS V002A for CURT CURT 007A
vc171 & v429b7.75878755.064MHZ_N.PROATNF V010ASun 29, 13:00, 14:00Rx3, dual pol (XXXX on folly_interface), BG3 cable in
vc172 & v466a7.75874452.264MHZ_N.PROvc172: ATNF V010A, v466a: ATNF V016B+CURT V001BSun 29, 23:00, 24:00Rx3, dual pol (XXXX on folly_interface), BG3 cable in, swap ATNF V010A for CURT 007A, change recording to CURT V001B at ~ midday, then swap ATNF V016B for ATNF V009A
vc173 & v465a7.75878755.064MHZ_N.PROCURT V001B+CURT 007AMon 30, 18:00, 19:00Rx3, dual pol (XXXX on folly_interface), BG3 cable in, change recording to CURT 007A at ~ midnight
vc174 & v444b7.75878755.064MHZ_N.PROATNF V009A+CURT V003BTue 1, 13:00, 14:00Rx3, dual pol (XXXX on folly_interface), BG3 cable in, swap one A-bank disk for CURT V003B, change recording to CURT V003B at ~ 2am

For the v271k experiment using the S/X receiver, you cannot see a coherence tone using the DAS outputs and the 5 MHz from the maser. Instead, use the oscilloscope mounted at the top of rack 9 with the input coming from the USB port of the VCs - when the tone is radiated, you should see a stable sine-wave on the oscilloscope. The table below lists the frequency/VC pairs that should show coherence.

VCTone (MHz)


ExperimentAgilentLO (SMY01/SMY03)Tone (SMY02)DAS ProfileDisksStart time (AEST)NotesSetup/changeover person
vt02p13.04637/637841.4VSOP.PROCURT V003AThu 26, 11:00 Jo
v454a13.04637/637841.4VSOP.PROCURT V003AThu 26, 17:00 Observer
vc168 & v329d13.04637/637841.4VSOP.PROCURT V003AThu 26, 22:00, 23:00 Observer
vc169 & v252ad13.04637(?)/669(?)841.4(?)/844.6(?)VSOP.PROATNF V008BFri 27, 11:00, 12:00RCP only - wiring changeJamie
vc170 & v271k13.04428/684820.5/846.1VSOP.PROATNF V016ASat 28, 12:00, 13:00RCP onlyObserver
vc171 & v429b6.901627755.064MHZ_N.PROATNF V005BSun 29, 13:00, 14:00Rx change, dual pol, BG3 cable inJo
vc172 & v466a6.901623452.264MHZ_N.PROvc172: ATNF V005B, v466a: ATNF V007A+CURT V005ASun 29, 23:00, 24:00Dual pol, BG3 cable in, change recording to CURT V005A at ~ middayObserver
vc173 & v465a6.901627755.064MHZ_N.PROCURT V005A+ATNF V006AMon 30, 18:00, 19:00Dual pol, BG3 cable in, change recording to ATNF 006A at ~ midnightObserver
vc174 & v444b6.901627755.064MHZ_N.PROATNF V013A+CURT V004ATue 1, 13:00, 14:00Dual pol, BG3 cable in, change recording to CURT V004A at ~ 2amObserver
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