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S/X-band Monitoring of EGRET Sources 19 July 2007 from ~04:50 UT

  • Back-end configured for S and X-band with the geodesy receiver
  • Prepared two source lists based on previous experiment but divided into a north and south sample. Files are ~/cats/ and ~/cats/ Elevation limit was raised from 10 to 25 degrees from last time.
  • Prepared scripts for smartbruce called ~/scripts/EGRET_SX_North and ~/scripts/EGRET_SX_South.
  • Prepared shell scripts for starting smartbruce called ~/START_BRUCE_EGRET_North and ~/START_BRUCE_EGRET_South.
  • Observations started at approx 05:00 UT on July 19 (day 200) 2007 with:
    mills:> ~/START_BRUCE_EGRET_North
  • Seemed to work OK. Also tested START_BRUCE_EGRET_South
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Page last modified on July 19, 2007, at 06:02 AM