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Flux Mon Geod SX

Backend diagram and setup for the S-X Geodesy receiver for Flux Density Monitoring.

Setup Instructions

  1. Check that the Phase Calibration cable (normally in for IVS Experiments) is disconnected. The Phase Calibration cable is located at the back of rack 10, a small white rope is attached to it.
  2. Move the S-X receiver to the focus position (X=−256.3, Y=248.7, Z=18), the receiver focus controls are located on the bottom of rack 2.
  3. Select Receiver One (rx1) on the multifeed control computer.
  4. Connect a band pass equalizer to A21 and the TVI filter to A22.
  5. Setup the backend as per diagram above, a list of terminal locations can be found at the end of this page.
  6. Ensure that the power output of the Square Law Dectector (SLD) is between −5 and −4 dBm, if not, adjust the programmable atteuators until the SLD output is acceptable.
  7. You are now ready to start observing using Bruce, SmartBruce? or SamTest.

Terminal Locations

A21 and A22
Located near the top of rack 5.
+20dB Amplifiers
Located on rack 3, third panel down from the top.
Programmable Attenuators
Located on rack 2, second panel down from the top.
Square Law Detector
Located on rack 3, eighth panel down from the top.
Sampler input 1A and 1B
Located on rack 3, tenth panel down from the top, first silver panel.
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Page last modified on July 17, 2007, at 12:29 AM