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The refurbished Vortex PC is able to be used as a VSI recorder with a maximum data rate of 512 Mbps (limit is set by the PCI interface speed). All of the usual evlbi recording software is installed on this PC in the ~vlbi/evlbi/ subdirectory. Vortex has a large RAID (~9.1 TB) which can be used for recording to. It is mounted as /exports/vortex_internal/. Be aware that this RAID is also used for temporary storage of IVS data for e-transfer and does not cope well with simultaneous high-speed access.

The recorder is best controlled via the command line ( is available but unconfigured, and missing some perl libraries). The commands to control the recorder are summarised below.

As vlbi@vortex

~/evlbi/vsib_multi/vsib_record -t 30s -w 16 -m 2 -o GRB_Ho

-tSets recording duration
-wSets bandwidth (MHz)
-mMode. 0 => 16 channels, 2=>8 channels, 3=>4 channels
-oSets base file name
-xSets rounded start
-fSets output file size. Normally, would use -f 1m or -f 1s for fringe-checking.
-rSets VSI clock rate in MHz. Defaults to 32 MHz
-cCompression mode. Cryptic syntax, but apparently able to channel-drop. Defaults to xxxx (all channels recorded)
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