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MtPleasant26m: Survey Ng 2011

survey_ng.2011 is an updated version of survey_ng which includes the ability to control the SML01 and Agilent01 oscillators in the control file. It also adds support for a a tipping scan in the north (NOPACITY as opposed to the southern OPACITY).

It’s usage is the same as survey_ng and is also located in /usr/local/pkg/correlator/ on newsmerd.

Including the lines

sml 636


ag01 636

in the input file will set both LO inputs of the frequency translator to 636 MHz (with a level of +7 dBm)

Updating the program to include further commands is possible by editing both survey_ng.2011.c and survey_ng.h. The latter is necessary for defining a new token.

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