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Pointing Test

 2/10/2007 1730-1800 UT

X-band Rx on the multifeed is suffering some problems in the second IF (RHC). Tsys in CALs for this is consistently ~703 instead of the expected ~6, comparable to LHC. A strong tone (@ 8400 MHz) is barely visible in RHC while strong in LHC. Also, Bruce scans in both IFs show (regular?) dropouts, worse in RHC.

Scans on 0208-512 - LHC, RA and Dec
Tsys 5.65 CAL  5.48
CAL  52.1 VFC  52.2
Amp 2.075 VFC  1.786

Pointing offsets originally ~0.2-0.3 arcminutes in RA, Dec.
Poor weather conditions - windy with overcast and scattered showers.

samtest output is /scratch/XMultifeedOct07.oct

Windstowed during samtest, parked by the 1 minute mark. Nix the first 80000 points?

C-band testing. 
One jump seen in the bruce scans - VFC level shifted by ~1 count mid-scan and stayed elevated. No dropouts visible in the scans. 

Scans on 0208-512 - LHC, RA and Dec,   RHC , RA and Dec.

Pointing errors on ~0.4 and -0.5 in RA and Dec originally.

samtest output is /scratch/CMultifeedOct07.oct but is made pointing off 3C161 instead of 0208-512.

Scans on 3C161 - Whole bandpass RHC only 
b0727518.445 - .470 
17.1 16.6 
17.2 17.2 
2.332 2.381
Some dropouts which killed the scans. Only seen in LHC but they appear as spikes. Very grim.

Pointing errors of ~1,  arcminute
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