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IVS Monitor Errors

Alarms and errors on the 26m system

With time you’ll be able to fix most problems yourself. The telescope manager will let you know if there are certain problem to lookout for during a given experiment, and may suggest techniques to overcome those problems.

If you encounter a problem which you are unable to solve please contact someone for assistance.

Some tricks.

  • For red alarm light on IF3 on MKIV, enter in the field system (fs) operator window on hobart,
  • For spurious errors that read “The Receiver 70K stage hotter than 85K”, and rxmon checks out ok, enter in fs operator window,
  • For constant annoying errors that read “Integrator total power overflow on if2″ (or something similar), and you’re sure the power levels on the vco’s and the total power on if2 and if3 are ok, enter in fs operator window,
  • If the drive pc has been restarted and schedule is still running on Field System use,
    to re-establish communication between fs and antenna drive pc.
  • To repair some kinds of time discrepancies between MK 5 and hobart, (e.g clkoff reports !+0.5s, and monitor also reports time as a few seconds off)
    sy=run setcl offset
  • For MKIV general red alarm light errors, enter in fs operator window,
    ( see; Setting up IVS Experiments).
  • To keep MKIV happy enter in fs operator window,
  • Error: v1 frequency does not check with requested value (and you have phase on vc1),
  • See also: Fixing problems such as recovering from power failures
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