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Ceduna-Hobart Interferometer




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Flux Monitoring Egret Data Reduction

After an observation:

 export FLUX=/Volumes/tpac/vlbi/jlovell/Flux_Density_Monitoring
 export PATH=“${FLUX}/bin:${PATH}”
  1. Copy bruce logs from smerd:/scratch/bruce to $FLUX/bruce_logs
  2. cd $FLUX/bruce_logs
  3. Look at the log file to find out when the last observation occurred. bruce_07278.log
  4. Run merge2fits on smerd in /scratch/bruce on last ~day of data
    merge2fits -o 22500 22505
  5. Copy FITS data to $FLUX/Raw_data
    > matlab

When installing scripts for the first time, after unpacking

 File → Set Path
 select ‘script’, click [OK]
  • choose multiple input files (if necessary)
  • save as yyyy_ddd.mat
  • where ifNclip is the central width of the scan to keep in deg. 0 = keep all. For IF1 (x-band at Hobart), choose 0.4, IF2, choose 0
  • fitmode should be 0
  • if debug = 1, each scan is shown. press [space] to go to the next one, Ctrl-C to quit.
 usually ScanPSFit(‘<filename>’,0.4,0,0,0)

  • The FWHM are in arcmin, gaincurve = 1
 X-band 5.6172675
 S-band 20.982175
 e.g ScanPSCalibration(‘2007_206freefit.mat’,5.6172675,20.982175,1)

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Page last modified on October 21, 2007, at 11:24 PM