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Mt Pleasant 26m

Ceduna 30m

Mt Pleasant 14m

Ceduna-Hobart Interferometer




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T 09248

Ceduna-Hobart diagnostic VLBI

4816 MHz sky freq

Ceduna used Agilent & Wiltron for first LO (at 9 dBm), replacing fixed oscillator. SMY01 and SML were used as second LOs at 436 MHz for Ch1 and Ch2 respectively. DAS profile VSOP_HO.PRO

Ceduna used Agilent instead of fixed 4.1 GHz oscillator between ~17:40 and 18:20:40

Wiltron used as first LO between 18:21:50 and 18:52:10

Ceduna recorded to Fermi disks 17 & 18

Hobart data on external eSATA Fermi disks. Fermi 7 & 8.

  • Correlation
  1. -cross -evlbi -new t09248.skd
  2. Edited input file for fringe check - 300sec integration fixed start time, telescope delays, ports
  3. t09248.skd
  4. machines and threads file are the same as t09246
  5. edited to point to this exp
  6. Ran, note trying this without swapped pols… I think (again) that we were fine from here on
  7. No fringes, input file was wrong. only had 1 frequency specified… try again!
  8. Betterer but apparently we STILL had/have? crossed pols. edit input file to match t09240
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