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Ceduna Observatory Network

The Ceduna observatory has the following subnet information:

Router/Gateway address:
Network Mask:

University Network

The network is connected to the University via a Cisco VPN router at As such, all machines on the Ceduna network should use this address at the gateway, and the standard University name servers ( and

Physical network

There are three separate physical networks at Ceduna: a thin LAN on coaxial cable with BNC connectors, an ethernet LAN and a wireless LAN.

The ethernet LAN is based in the control room, and is hosted from a D-link switch at the back of the rack that holds cdvsi. This LAN is capable of 10/100 Mbps and is auto-sensing. There are several ports wired in around the control room, and most of the computers in the racks are on this LAN. There is an ethernet run up the telescope, which goes to a hub in the LER, which also has the IPS on it, then from this hub up to the UER. The cable coming up through the twister, and the cable going up to the UER are patched to the LER room through extenders in the azimuth drive room on the cable tray.

There is an ethernet cable running to the ip camera at Ceduna 2. On the same route there are two unused ethernet cables heading out above door.

The thin LAN is used to connect the older hardware in the observatory and should be phased out in the near future. It runs in a loop around the control room, and has two separate cable runs from the main rack to the telescope, stopping first in the lower equipment room before proceeding to the upper equipment room. Ensure all wall ports are connected and/or terminated in 50 Ohms in order for the thin LAN to function correctly.

The current state of the Ceduna thin LAN

The wireless LAN is described completely here.

There are two crossover points:

  • The wireless LAN meets the ethernet LAN through the Cisco VPN router installed near the printer.
  • The thin LAN is connected to the ethernet LAN through a hub with both a BNC connection and ethernet ports. This hub is located in the main rack behind the station clock.

Logical network configuration

The names and addresses of computers on the Ceduna network are given in the table below:

IP addressComputer nameMACNetworkNotes and ethernet to make output on ethernet port AUI to ethernet media converter AUI to ethernet media converter be capable of ethernet, similar to Hobart’s correlator etherneton ethernet hub in UER ethernetuses uppermost ethernet connector thin LAN LER etherneton ethernet hub in LER
131.217.61.???rakips ethernet 
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