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Ceduna-Hobart Interferometer




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IP address:
Processor:AMD Athlon 1.5 GHz
Operating system:Xubuntu 9.04
Location:Computing room, Mt Pleasant
Purpose:Focus platform & configurable backend control

Rx26m is a computer located at the Mount Pleasant observatory. It is located on the remnants of the control desk, near the new ops computers. It runs a copy of Eric’s focus platform control software (STOAT) inside an emulated DOS shell. This is running inside a VNC session ( A local VNCviewer session should be open on the desktop. Rx26m also acts as a control system for the configurable backend (Lovell’s Folly), as a host for the megalepus program. This program accepts TCP communication and passes the messages to the PIC via the serial port. An interface to the system can be found on newsmerd in ~observer/lovells_folly/folly_interface.

One problem which can occur is that STOAT (the receiver selection program) may show a blank screen. This is usually due to another version of STOAT running and controlling the serial port. To fix this, the easiest approach is to kill all open dosemu processes (killall −9 dosemu should do this) and then restart it within the VNC session using the STOAT (Standalone) button on the desktop.

Installed software:


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