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Computers: Hovsi
IP address:
Processor:AMD Opteron 242 1.6GHz
HDD:10G system, 712G internal data, 1.1T removable data
Operating system:Debian Sarge
Location:Rack 6, main control room, Mt Pleasant
Purpose:Australian LBA hard disk recorder

hovsi has a VSIB card installed which allows it to record data at high data rate directly to hard disk - it is now the recorder for LBA sessions. It is connected directly to the Apple Xraid for recording, and to the DAS (rack 6) or correlator (rack 5) via the VSIC box (rack 6).

To run diskclean

For example, to delete fringe check data on the RAID arrays.
As user vlbi, navigate to /exports/xraid/<diskset>/FringeCheck directory where the contents will be erased, and enter, - - age 6h
this example removes all files older than six hours. This gives you a safety period before the data is gone forever.
Make sure you are in the right directory as everything old will be erased.

Installed Software:


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