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Spectral Line Observations

The ceduna correlator is corr-ced and can be reset from the internet power switch.

The DAS is controlled using the xdos program on ceduna (the oper login).

The local oscillators can be set using rs.tcl on ceduna (the oper login).

To start the correlator

  1. Make sure the time on the correlator is OK by running timekeep -v as root
  2. Start the correlator processes by running ~oper/bin/cor_remote (this and all other commands should be run as oper)
  3. You can then control the correlator either using dscom or survey_ng

To kill the correlator (should be done at the end of observations and not left running indefinitely)

  1. ps auxw | grep glish and then kill the tkcor and tkdummsy processes
  2. ps auxw | grep iconic and then kill any of XFER, CONFIG or CORDAT which might still be running.

The levels into the DAS are controlled by some dial attenuators, so if the levels aren’t right you need someone there in person to change them.

If you are having problems getting the correlator to program correctly then you can check the status as it happens by telnet corr-ced 4023. To exit from the telnet window control-] and then quit. You can also soft-reboot the correlator by

  1. telnet corr-ced 4000
  2. .gt (to see if you get a response from the correlator).
  3. .system reboot (it takes about 10 seconds to respond to a ping and start to reboot).
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