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Ceduna-Hobart Interferometer




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pcfscd is the new FS computer and is designed to replace the ageing ceduna PC. It is currently configured to run the FS and control the oscillators, DAS and cdisko2. It starts a VNC session by default on login, using the root window - you should be able to connect to it with vncviewer pcfscd. When Lovell’s Folly is transferred to Ceduna, it should be able to control it too, making it able to completely set up a remote observing session.

The details of the installed software are described below.

FS - can be started from any oper@pcfscd terminal with the command fs. It is useful to run the FS monitor which can be started with the command xterm -geometry 83×6 -e monit2

STALM - Possibly untested… try starting it with stalm 5000 & from the oper@pcfscd prompt

DAS - Start the DAs interface program with das& (don’t forget to select VSOP.PRO on loading) - start with from the oper@pcfscd prompt

folly_interface - TBA

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