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Log IDV Mon

Date (UT)Time (UT)WhoComment
2 Dec 200722:20JEJLRe-started samplers as —check said they were not responding and antenna was at stow. sam30m didn’t come back so I rebooted. Smartbruce started at 22:32
3 Dec 200704:55JEJLFound antenna at stow and bruce reporting “Antenna control system Control unavailable”. sys30m log reports: 03/12/07 04:44:42 SYSJ SYS30M Antenna control system Problem with the antenna drives : While parking the antenna due to windstow
3 Dec —kill then and now all is OK
6 Dec —kill, Brett reports gale warning for Ceduna and antenna already parked
7 Dec wind OK again now
17 Dec 200722:30JEJLAntenna parked and sam30m not responding. Soft reboot failed but hard reset worked. Shifted to Southern sources.
10 Feb 2008~20:00SPEChanged to Southern sources after LBA week gap. Drives wouldn’t turn on. Rebooted sys30m and that fixed problem
11 Feb 200810:00SPEsam30m needed power cycle
12 Feb 20089:40SPEsam30m needed power cycle, lost 10 hours
11 Mar 2008~0:00SPEChanged to Northern sources
11 Apr 2008~01:00JEJLChanged to Southern sources
17 Apr 2008~01:30JEJLAdded PMN J1508–4953 to southern list at low cadence to check viability of monitoring
21 Apr 2008~01:00JEJLRemoved PMN J1508–4953 from southern list, backup list is idv_6650_south_plus_j1508–
3 Jun 200823:50JEJLChanged to Northern sources
29 Aug 200801:50JEJLAdded B2155–303 to coincide with VLBI obs
13 Jul 200916:10JMBAdded 1424–418, swapped to southern sources and copied data to tpac
29 Jul 200909:30JMBSwapped to Northern sources
11 Aug 20092:30JMBRestarted (N sources) after being down for grav measurements since wed 5
15 Aug 200914:30JMBSwapped to Southern sources
17 Aug 200916:30JMBRestarted Southern Sources after heavy winds last two days. Added 2052–474
23 Aug 200920:30JMBHeavy winds - Brett parked dish
3 Sep 200920:30JMBEnded a couple of days of observations LBA run starting
7 Sep 200912:15JMBTransferred data from Ced - a couple of days seem to be missing - merge2fits errors
7 Sep 200914:30JMBStarted Northern sources
21 Sep 200921:00JMBEnded Northern sources, southern to start when wind dies
23 Sep 200908:30JMBStarted Southern sources after winds
30 Sep 200915:00JMBLooks like bruce didn’t recover after some winds on the 28th, restarting…
9 Oct 200914:00JMBSwapping to Northern sources
27 Oct 200911:00JMBSwapping to Southern sources
2 Nov 200916:00JMBRestarting Bruce… seems to have died sometime over the weekend :(
26 Nov 200913:00JMBAlright, back after at least a week or two off due to winds, high temps, and other obs. N sources
19 March 201017:30JMBFirst lot of AGN obs started
29 March 201014:00JMBSouthern Sources
15 April 201012:00JMBAGN
12 May 201012:00JMBNorthern
25 May 201020:00JMBAGN
27 May 201020:00JMBSouthern! Added 3C454.3
11 Jun 201016:22JMBAGNathon
17 Jun 201018:00JMBNorthern
6 Jul 201009:00JMBAGN
3 Aug 201012:00JMBSouthern after LBA
23 Aug 201016:00JMBOK we lost at least a month due to LBA then Vela then RCP/LCP. Have had some AGN obs now swapping to south.
20 Sep 201012:00JMBNorthern
4 Oct 201011:00JMBAGN
16 Oct 201009:00JMBSouth only started today due to winds. Added PKS 1830–21
11 Nov 201014:30JMBAGN
15 Nov 201015:30JMBNorth
26 Nov 201013:30JMBAGN - After LBA
6 Nov 201016:30JMBSouth - it’s been a troubled week of obs with UPS failures
18 Dec 201012:30JMBAGN after LBA, I think there was some North in there before but I clearly didn’t log it
4 March 201109:00JMBAGN - we have a 2 month gap due to link issues :/
9 March 201114:00JMBSouth
18 April 201119:25JMBSwapping from AGN to North
9 May 201116:00JMBRestarting after VLBI/CHI to AGN
11 May 201112:00JMBGoing to South
26 May 201116:00JMBAGN
7 Jun 201117:00JMBSouth briefly to check on 1424
22 Jul 201315:29JMBRestarting Obs. IFs are swapped. Let’s see if this is an issue.
5 Aug 201310:26JMBSwap to AGN
8 Aug 201313:40JMBSwap to Scint
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