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Ceduna Network Reboot

Rebooting the Ceduna Network

Summary of instructions from Brett:

When the Ceduna network becomes slow to the telescope and farm sometimes the NanoBridge at the farm has its AirMax capacity reduced and needs a reboot. To do this:

Visit from the internet
Or visit from the Ceduna intranet including Bev’s, the farm, and the public network at the telescope.

This is the 30cm diameter antenna at the farm pointing at Bev’s. It will ask for a username and password. These are listed under “Ceduna 30cm antenna on the farm” on the computer passwords page. Look at the page after logging in. If the AirMax capacity is a low number, say less than 10%, do a reboot. To do this, click the system tab at the top and move to the bottom and click reboot and confirm and wait 30 seconds. Airmax should come back up greater than 30%. The network VPN should come back up also and it be fast again.

Only do this if the AirMax capacity is low.

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Page last modified on April 24, 2012, at 05:23 AM