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Mt Pleasant 26m

Ceduna 30m

Mt Pleasant 14m

Ceduna-Hobart Interferometer




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Start observations and fringe-check

  • on hex0
    • cd ~/fringe_check
    • mkdir t09234 (or whatever)
    • cd !$
    • copy .skd file here
    • t08252.skd
    • edit the .delay file, change HOB to HOBART, CED to CEDUNA to match the skd file
  • on ceduna
    • start pcfs with ‘fs’
    • schedule=t08252cd
    • confirm antenna slewing
  • on hobart
    • start pcfs with ‘fs’
    • schedule=t08252ho
    • confirm antenna slewing
  • on hovsi and cdvsi
    • check that ~/evlbi/RtFC/setup.csh points to hex0 ( as the correlator
    • start disko and begin recording
    • start in the data directories

See the Real-time Fringe Check page for help on fringe-checking.

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Page last modified on July 14, 2009, at 04:31 AM