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ScanExport exports Bricky data from the ‘MATLAB’ workspace to text and MAT files.

  • Params should be set to the Parameter matrix (typically FreeFitParams421),
  • flg is the flag table,
  • Grp can be any single ascii character, this is used to keep track the source’s observing group,
  • CalMeth is an ascii character used to keep track of the calibration method used,
  • MatFile is the name of the MATLAB file you’re working with,
  • ExportPath must be set to a valid directory name, if you want the data saved to the working directory, set this variable to ‘./’.

The exported text file data has the following column format:

  1. Time [MJD]
  2. Calibrated Amplitude [Jy]
  3. Gain Corrected Amplitude, uncalibrated flux
  4. Raw Amplitude [Counts]
  5. Elevation [degrees]
  6. System Temperature [Cal Units]
  7. Noise Diode Height [Counts]
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Page last modified on July 20, 2007, at 01:01 AM